Ana Finel Honigman


Third Text

Ana Finel Honigman has been a guest speaker at:

  • Bruce High Quality Foundation University
  • The Art Lobby lecture series at Art Basel, Switzerland.
  • Cambridge University, England.
  • Plymouth University, England.
  • York University, Canada.
  • New York's National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts.
  • The Walker Museum in Minneapolis, USA.
  • Fashion and Textile Museum in London, England.
  • Hemphill Fine Arts gallery in Washington D.C
  • Center Church in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
  • d.u.m.b.o arts center in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  • Modern Art Oxford in Oxford, England.

Ana has participated in the following academic conferences:

  • Association of Art Historians 2014 conference, held at the Royal College of Art in London
  • European Fandoms and Fan Studies conference at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Dangerous Women and Women in Danger at Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland.
  • Global Project on Fan Communities and Fandom at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England.
  • Picture of Health Conference at Royal College of Art, England.
  • Censorship and Deviance at University of St. Andrew's, England.
  • The Oxford Center for Life-Writing's "Lives of Objects at Oxford University, England.
  • Encounters with vulnerability: The victim, the fragile, the monster, the queer, the abject, the nomadic, the feminine, the shameful, and the rest at Newcastle University, England.